Publishing an Ebook

Warning: this post includes a plug to buy my books.

It was very hard for me to maintain my drive for writing fiction while I spent five days a week writing software user guides. Truthfully, I did lose my focus for many years. A death in the family also sent me into a spiral of inaction.

Oh, I continued to meet with friends occasionally to spend time writing, researching, editing. But, it took an unexpected and unwelcome event to turn my focus around.

I was laid off work. Whoa! After the shock wore off, and I waited (and waited, waited some more) for resume responses, I returned to writing fiction; Sci-Fi/Fantasy fiction, to be exact. I love it – but it most certainly doesn’t pay the mortgage – or even buy kibble for the dogs.

I published two books via Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s the easy way out to get a book published – but unless you know your way around advertising and search key words, you’re lucky your book displays in the search results or that a few friends buy the book.

I’m learning some hard lessons about epublishing – and I’m just beginning to correct my mistakes.

An author needs to:

My book links are listed below, and I invite you to at least try a free sample and let me know what you think.

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